Amazon PPC.  You’ve gotta use it.  But if you do it wrong, kiss goodbye to lots of cash…  


I won’t lie.  My main target customers are Brand Registered users with over $5,000 per month ad spend.  I know more ways of optimizing ads and listings for this type of customer, and this is where my strengths lie.  You will see, however, that I also have prices for regular sellers too.


Now, I’m assuming you know your stuff and have checked out a few competitors.  So, let’s cut to the chase and get to what makes me different.


The prices you are about to see include the WHOLE PACKAGE.  What’s that?  Something no one else is offering…



Copywriting Tweaks – improve conversion rates when a shopper clicks your ads


HSA Banner Copy – it may surprise you, but those 50-characters of ad text can make-or-break an ad click. I specialize in writing taglines that convert into clicks (for Brand Registered Sellers only)


PPC Harmony – I ensure that your Ad Campaigns and Product Listings are working together holistically.  This means that strategies built around specific keywords are optimized in your sponsored ads, and organically.  This affords you the best chance of success and is something most agencies don’t do, let alone sellers.


PPC Management – working with PPC Scope software, and having had full training to the value of $4,500.00, I know my way around Ad Campaigns.  More importantly, I know what to do with them.  Here is more detail about what I mean:



Where I Focus Each Month


At the middle and end of every month, you will receive a 70-point checklist from me with a line-by-line report on the work I have done, along with end-of-month performance report which compares the key metrics of the last three months.


Below, I include some areas where I target my energies:


  • Correct Keyword Analysis using Helium 10
  • Reduce ad costs by managing wasted spend
  • Negative Keyword matching to block unwanted ads
  • Create Product Targeting Ads using three-strategies
  • Manage dynamic bidding, subject to client objectives
  • Optimize the listing to increase Conversion Rates (CVR)
  • Run Reverse ASIN tests on your ASINs & competitor listings
  • De-duplicate match typed keywords to unleash top performers
  • Create a Keyword Master Sheet, identifying keyword strategies
  • Bring harmony between the search terms used and the keywords in your ads
  • Improving the Click-through Rate (CTR) to effectively mature your campaigns
  • Perform click-fraud tests to ensure your competitors are not sabotaging your ads
  • Structure your Ad Campaigns so that they perform more efficiently and effectively




I base my ongoing strategies around the following management model:



The following prices are per month, and include copywriting tweaks, Sponsored Brand (ex-Headline Search Ads for Brand Registered Sellers) tagline ad copy, and listing optimization advice. There is no monthly contract or set up fees.

* There are some keyword volume restrictions to the above pricing, therefore if you have dozens of campaigns per SKU, each with hundreds of keywords please get in touch just to check, as the software I use has keyword quantity restrictions and it may affect the price a little.

** Costs includes PPC Scope monthly fees and there are no additional setup fees.   I also use Helium10 for keyword analysis and provide a keyword master sheet for each SKU I manage

*** These prices are per marketplace, which means that if you have 5 SKUs in and a further 5 SKUs in and you want both marketplaces managing, this would equate to 10 SKUs in the above pricing. 

**** Prices include listing optimization tweaks; improvements to the title, search URL, backend keywords etc so that your organic searches improve which can help to reduce the cost of PPC as the algorithm sees more relevance and better ranking for your product.  It doesn’t mean a full rewrite of a listing, which is priced on the Copywriting page.  It’s incredible value for money though.

***** By “SKUs”, I include variations.  This normally means that if you have two main products and each has five color variations, you will need to count them as 10 SKUs in the above pricing matrix.  I am willing to be flexible and depending on the whole project I might choose, in this example, to count the 10c SKUs as 2.  It really depends on the whole package you are interested in.

NB. As campaigns become better optimized, I will begin to reduce the monthly cost.  I will include a 5% reduction once the campaigns become easier to manage, with a maximum total reduction of 15% from the above prices.

If you think I am a good match for your needs then send me a quick email below and we can set up a Skype call or similar. 

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