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If you are ready for world domination you don’t need to speak several languages to get your Amazon listings selling well.  And as an Englishman living in Austria, I can assure you that if you don’t want to get laughed at, don’t use translating software – it doesn’t work very well, and the results can be quite embarrassing. 

I have professional translators on my team who are native to their countries.  Carlos, our Spanish translator is from Spain, and not Latin America which uses different phrasing.  Simone is Italian, StephanieJeane is French, and Christina is Austrian.  I also have other translators for other countries.

There are three packages; the first is for basic translation of a listing, the second is to include keyword research, and the third includes ranking and indexing tests for current listings.  You can see the pricing below but you will need to consider the following points too:

English is quite a concise language.  If you translate it into German, for example, you may go above the allowed character count for a title, bullet or description.  I will suggest edits.  English keywords don’t always translate directly across to what people are searching for in another country.  For example, a water jug in the UK, is a water pitcher in the US.  Hardly anyone will search for a water jug. 

One other factor that you should know is that while the translators are professionals at their work, they are not keyword analysts. 

For the second package, before I pass a project on to a translator I do the following:

1. Is the original listing well-optimized?  If not, I include some quick tips to make it better as this will impact the translated version too.

2. I use Helium10 keyword research for each EU country listing to see which are the main keywords.  I run Reverse ASIN tests on the best-selling products from that country and run all the results through a keyword frequency program which will dictate the keyword order for the 250 characters in the backend

3. I ask the translator to double-check a shortlist of keywords, I manually check them in competitor listings and using Amazon’s suggested searches, and then select 5 keywords for repetition throughout the front end and for Subject Matter / Intended Use sections which are also indexed by the algorithm

4. If you have a listing already on one of the EU sites and need to know why it is not performing as expected, the third package below includes indexing and ranking reports with a keyword action plan to improve ranking.

You can then be sure to have an awesome listing that stands every chance of performing well in new Amazon zones and where native shoppers will be delighted to see correct spelling, grammar, and colloquialisms.  It will also be clear that no translation software has been used!  This gives you a distinct advantage over many other English sellers venturing into the EU.

Choose Your Package



Up to 500 words*

Translate one English listing into German, French, Italian or Spanish

*more words are extra cost 

Ready to Copy and Paste into Seller Central including HTML coding

Done in 3-4 Business Days 

Discount for Bulk Orders



As per “Straight Translation” but with…

Best-Seller Reverse ASIN Test

250 Characters of Backend Keywords

Keyword Master Sheet – EU Keywords

Suggested 5 Long-Tail Keywords to Use Throughout the Listing

Done in 5 Business Days


Discount for Bulk Orders



As per “Keywords Too” but with…

An indexing test for your currently listed item

Ranking Tests to See Where You Rank Against Other Sellers for Keywords

A Keyword Action Plan to Help Your Item Sell More 

Done in 5-7 Business Days

Discount for Bulk Orders

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