Amazon Listing Optimization – if you’re not doing it right, it will cost you

I’ve rewritten this intro several times.  I wondered, should I begin with speaking about my history, should I write about the problems I know you have and waffle on about how I will fix them?

But you don’t really care about that. You just want to know whether I can get your listings to sell better.  Right?

Take a look at the following evidence and see what you think…

Improved Amazon Ranking & Increased Pricing

A challenging project; this was a new listing in a hyper-competitive category for a well-established brand that had high expectations.

The content needed to be super-focused on the life-changing benefits a user would experience.

You can see the results; instant sales and continuous improvements.

Improved Amazon Ranking & Increased Pricing

I optimized over 400 products for this customer. A restructuring of keyword targeting and copywriting changes gave a tenfold return within days of the changes being made.

You can see from the results that hardly any sales occured before the new content was added.

Improved Amazon Ranking & Increased Pricing

This client hadn’t sold a bean in 9-months and had lost heart. They were recommended to me by another customer and you can see the impact that a change in copywriting and keyword focus had for this company.

They sold 78 units in the first month.

They are now selling over $105k/month.

Improved Amazon Ranking & Increased Pricing

Here’s a long-term view of how another one of my clients has experienced month-by-month increases in sales since we began working together in Nov 2018.

They are also currently enjoying over $100k per month in sales and climbing.

Improved Amazon Ranking & Increased Pricing

Who says rug grippers can’t be sexy? This particular client had been knocking at the door of the “next level” for a while but couldn’t quite get there.

A change in copywriting and upper gallery images, along with a more focused keyword strategy made all the difference.

They have since sold out of stock.

Improved Amazon Ranking & Increased Pricing

This client hadn’t made a sale in 7 months. They had spent money on graphic design but it wasn’t effective, and the copy lacked clarity.

I quickly fixed that and they immediately began to sell. 

Their category rank was 1,209 in September and is now 32.  Their BSR is the red line – the lower it goes, the better the rank.

Improved Amazon Ranking & Increased Pricing

This is a recent update to a wine stopper that had stopped selling. All I did was to revise the keywords and write copy for the listing and EBC. All the images stayed the same.

It took a slight dip in results recently as it had 3 critical reviews in a row. Competitors? Who knows? They have since sold out and are hoping to get Xmas stock in.

Improved Amazon Ranking & Increased Pricing

This product was struggling in an overcrowded market, however, the brand had a great story that simply wasn’t being told in a captivating way.

I analyzed and updated the keyword strategies, rewrote the copy, did creative direction for my customer’s graphic design team and rewrote the EBC.

The blueprint for this project was successful across my client’s whole range in the UK and US.

Improved Amazon Ranking & Increased Pricing

This product had remained stagnant for a while and the customer wasn’t sure why.

I updated the written content, upgraded the images with graphic design, created EBC and revised the keywords.

It saw an instant impact that has continued to rise ever since.

“We sold out of stock in two weeks thanks to your copy.  Now we’ve a mad rush on to order more before summer begins!”

E. Reamy, CEO, Sequana Beachware

“It’s the best short-term performance we have had.

M. Munro, Company Director, Eve & Rosie Play

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