The Folks Behind the Show

CEO & Founder – Heath

Once I got involved with managing PPC campaigns I quickly realized that three things needed to work for ads to be successful:

  1. Listings needed to be optimized to convert the ad clicks
  2. Keywords must work in harmony across ads, listings, & search term targeting
  3. Sellers need to own the Sponsored Brand (ex HSA) banner positioning and get clicks via high-conversion taglines

Each area is something I specialize in, and looking around, and discussing with customers, it became clear that most sellers would have to go to separate service providers to get these things done.

The Problem with Agencies

I’ve worked for five agencies, and I originally set this website up as an agent, employing copywriters, graphic designers, and keyword researchers, among others.

You know what the problem is with this approach?

An agency charges you $400 for a listing, they then pass your order to a freelancer who will be paid around $70-100.00, if that.  So, that is the real value of your content.

Agencies work on a high turnover.  They need regular orders from lots of different customers to churn out specific types of packages that are set around making profit.  They’re not necessarily centered around high quality.

An agency will usually turn to the Philippines or similiar country where labor is around $5 per hour, or less.  They will pay a keyword researcher maybe $20 to run five or six keywords through several software programs and deliver the results.

They then base your listing around the highest searched keywords that are relevant to it.  

This is very poor for the seller.

People come to me for my expertise, and they deal with me only.  It’s important that I research your keywords correctly.  I can spend a full day calculating the right choice of phrases for your specific listing, and how and where to incorporate them.

I write the listings, the sponsored brand taglines, the email funnels and I personally manage the ad campaigns.  All structured around the keyword choice.  Get that wrong, and everything falls apart.

What’s the Benefit to me Doing Everything?

I will understand your brand and its needs more deeply.  I will come to know the type of shoppers and what they are looking for in your category, and I will know this more accurately. 

Then I will put what I know to work systemically to drive better results.

Which is very different than a keyword researcher passing on a spreadsheet to a copywriter, who has no contact with the PPC manager.  Another issue is that there is a high-turnover of freelancer staff with agencies.  So, whoever wrote your listings last year probably won’t be doing it now.  The result of that is a discontinuation of branded voice.

Ultimately, none of the dots are connected.

That’s what I do for you; I connect the dots.

But I also need other people, and here they are…


The Amazon Alchemist is part of Ingido Copywriting Services Here are the Other People in the Team


Each of the translators I work with is a native speaker, and therefore knows the finer intricacies of the language they speak and its grammar.  

Christina (Austrian) – German Listings

Carlos (Spanish) – (traditional Spanish, not Latin American)

Stephanie-Jeane (French) – French translations

Simone (Italian) – Italian Listings

I also have work with freelancers for other languages including Chinese, Japanese and Russian


While I don’t publish the fact that I offer graphic design services, as most of my customers are brand registered, it can be quite useful for them to use me to give creative direction to either their graphic designer, or my own. 

I only offer this service VIP customers.

I have worked with Olena for around 2-years and she has done exceptional work.  Samples can be sent on request.  She works with Upper Gallery images, EBC modules, and Storefront banners.

You are welcome to work with Olena directly, or I am happy to run the show so that you can sit back until the results are delivered.