The Folks Behind the Show

CEO & Founder – Heath

“I quickly realized I needed help from other people, good people…”

Not every copywriter has a strong sales or marketing background to help your copy really sing.  I have.  I began my sales career in 1984, and quickly established a flair for writing fax campaigns – remember those? 

One of my first deals was for a flag & banner manufacturer who wanted more maintenance work… I headed it “Having Problems Erecting Your Pole?” – it didn’t occur to me at the time that this could be the last thing a man needs to see!  But it had over a 30% success rate.

Since then, I specialized in writing email campaigns, landing pages, websites, and general sales conversion copy but I began to sell on Ebay & Amazon in 2006 and loved to write about the products (chess sets). 

People often wrote to me to say that even though they weren’t actively looking to buy, my descriptions made them want to!

So, I forget how I got involved with writing descriptions for other people as since starting Indigo, life has become a blur.  Full on!  And I love it.

Since starting Indigo Copywriting Services aka Indigo Mojo, we have expanded from copywriting to PPC management, graphic design, photography and video – the whole shebang.

I quickly realized I needed help from other people, good people and gradually put a core team together with the backup of freelancers for when work got extra busy.

Please take a look at our team over on the right.  They are all experts in their field and specialists with helping to optimize Amazon products listings.

Your listings are in good hands.

Thanks for reading!

The Amazon Alchemist is part of Ingido Copywriting Services Here is the Indigo Core Team


Kath has a strong background in research and does amazing work for us.  She has good VA skills too and she also puts together the keyword ranking data for our fortnightly PPC reports.


Diana is our new copywriter who is a real find!  Her writing has a vibrancy and energy to it that immediately helps a seller to stand out.  Intelligent copy which appeals to buyer emotions.

Heath’s main passion is copywriting.  He has a sharp mind, seems to know exactly what a product needs – and he has visions… about the product.  He sees a product and knows what is needed – he then attempts to convey that vision to everyone else here!  He works with our VIP accounts and oversees all copywriting projects.


Each of our translators is a native speaker, and therefore knows the finer intricacies of the language they speak and its grammar.  

Christina (Austrian) – German Listings

Carlos (Spanish) – (traditional Spanish, not Latin American)

Stephanie-Jeane (French) – French translations

Simone (Italian) – Italian Listings

We also have a team of freelancers for other languages including Chinese, Japanese and Russian


Heath runs our clients’ Amazon Ad Campaigns mixing his many years of know-how with leading software from PPC Scope.

NB. If you require Graphic Design, Product Photography or Video I have great contacts that I can put you in touch with directly.