When Your Item Just Won’t Sell with a White Background… Read This

Amazon loves to showcase products with a nice clean white background.  In fact, if you don’t upload your main image with a “pure” white background, there’s a strong chance your listing will be suppressed and therefore blocked.

That’s fine if your listing suits a white background.

But what if it doesn’t?  What if, you’re selling something that glows in the dark?  Or, you just want your product to stand out from all of those pale and pasty images appearing on the first page of results.

Well, the answer came in a flash of inspiration, and here is how to do it.

But first, let’s see if you can work it out for your self.


Other than the fact one says suppressed and the other active, can you see the difference?

The one on the right has a very thin white border around it.

This makes the algorithm believe that the dark image is the whole product and the white border is the white background.  It simply thinks that the item takes up over 95% of the available space.  But wait.  Don’t go doing it just yet.

The problem is that Amazon wants a “pure” white background, and there’s no real way a regular Amazon seller is going to be able to provide an image that is to that standard.  I hope I’m not hurting your feelings here but if you simply put in a white border using the color #ffffff it is still highly unlikely to be accepted.

The only way to get a pure white background is to make the border transparent.

Here are two ways of doing this.

Tip 1: Make the border blue, or a color that is very different from your background, and is also not white.  (In the above image you are looking at the dark blue border.)  This helps you to see the area you wish to make transparent and helps the software that is doing the editing to recognize the part you want to change (otherwise, it can create transparency to areas you don’t want.)

Tip 2: Use Adobe Photoshop or similar and work with the Magic Eraser tool.  Click on one of the border corners and it will suddenly appear in grey and white checks (which means it has become transparent).

Tip 3: You then need to save the image as a PNG, or it won’t save as transparent, it will turn white again.  Which is not what you want.

If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop or similar, you can use this website – https://burner.bonanza.com/

It’s free to use (but you will need to register, which is also free).  Here’s where adding a blue border works well because it makes it easier for the software to recognize the section you wish to change.  Which makes it faster for you.  Remember to save as a transparent PNG file. 

Then upload to Seller Central and job done.

Sometimes, around one in every thirty images, doesn’t work.  You’ll need to play around with the width of the border.

I’ve reactivated over one hundred images for customers and it works a treat.

Final Tip: Make sure your image is over 1000px square to activate the zoom feature and to not be penalized by the algorithm.  You only need to do this for the hero image; the main one that shows in the search results.

Once again, thanks for tuning in and reading.  Hope this helps.


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