SEO PPC Campaigns

the most relevant, highest ranking keyword research right from Amazon’s vaults. 

If you are going to sell well on Amazon, you need the best quality keyword information and search phrases that are trending right now, and where results accurately show what buyers are searching for in Amazon alone.  

With over 18,700 items listed every hour of every day, and almost everyone doing some keyword research, every little bit you can do better adds up.  Getting the keywords right is big, it helps you get more orders for sure.

What we do for you


Deep-Dive Category Research – ensures you rank for the most suitable keywords for your product.

Competitor Research – we check out the most relevant terms used by the most successful sellers, and also those used by their customers, and incorporate them into your results.

Reverse ASIN Tests – a backdoor peek into which keywords are successful for your competitors.  This is not an analysis of which keywords your competitors are using in their backend – it is better than that – we discover the search phrases that people entered into Amazon that lead them to visit your competitors’ pages.  We analyze and test this information and use the best for your report.

Negative Keywords – using negative keywords in your PPC/Ad campaign is ESSENTIAL.  There’s an example of what I mean in the above video, but briefly, there will be words that people use during a search which won’t relate to your product’s features, so you don’t want to be attracting those customers and paying for their clicks.

Reduced ACOS – a combination of correct keyword use and negative keywords will reduce your advertising costs, so you can get more bang for your buck, and ensure you are performing better for the right search terms.


Choose Your Package (Included in Premium Copywriting Pack)



Deep-Dive Keyword Master Report

Best Seller Competitor Researched

What is Trending Now!

Data Taken from Amazon Tests

Ready to Paste into your Campaign

Done in 5 Business Days


Discount for Bulk Orders



Backdoor Peek at your Competitors

Discover Keywords that Work

Include them in your Listing

Negative Keywords to Exclude from your Campaign

Lower ACoS

Focus Budgets on Best Keywords

Increase Rank for the Keywords you Want to Index for

Done in 5 Business Days

Discount for Bulk Orders



Includes PPC Campaign & Max ACoS ROI Campaign - with the addition of:

An analysis of the keywords you are currently indexing for and not indexing in searches

Report covers the front end & backend search terms (we will need to know your keywords to run the test)

Action Plan to Improve Indexing

Analysis of up to 3 ASINs

Done in 7 Business Days


Discount for Bulk Orders