Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns

Wading through piles of spreadsheets trying to work out which keywords are costing you money and which ones are converting well isn’t easy, and the more successful you are, the more keywords you have to trawl through. Then when you think you’ve got it all working just great you get a shock that your ACoS is skyhigh.  And that’s just the easy stuff!

What about when you are throwing every cent at a keyword but you simply aren’t ranking well?  What if you’ve chosen the highest search terms for your product and the most relevant ones, but you’re product is languishing on page 10?  What do you do?  You stop worrying.  Remember…

…passive income?  Working a 4-hour week?  Taking an extra hour or two in bed when everyone else is stuck in the rush hour?  Or maybe you want to spend more time with the kids going to the cinema, eating pizza, climbing Everest?


The point is, we can save you stacks of time to do those precious things.

And free you up to focus on areas you want. Things you feel are important.

We’ll tighten up your campaigns so they perform better and remain profitable, or, if you’re just launching a product we can help you get it under the noses of all those Amazon shoppers with cash to spend.   

Here’s how:

We’ll data mine your current figures to see what’s working and what isn’t.

We’ll test new match types for existing words to improve both breadth and depth of your Ads.

We’ll get control over your Ad spend and whip it into shape.

We’ll find new keywords and bring your Ad Campaigns in harmony with your listing optimization.

This is done in 2 ways:

We’ve teamed up with the leading PPC Software company PPC Entourage, and use their software to analyze what is going on in your account.  

So, you know how all of your Ad Campaigns are squeezed into one Excel spreadsheet, and making sense of the data is like mining for gold?   We can see right into the heart of your campaigns and also what is happening behind the scenes with your product listings.  We bring the two together with our optimization know-how, and also seven years of experience running our own campaigns and taking master classes from some of the Amazon gurus out there.

The software speeds up the process and makes it easier to analyze what is going on, and to make changes occur.  The short-term tactics, the long-term strategies and understanding of the data is where we are strong.

What we do for you

Keyword Indexing Report – we test which keywords you are currently indexing for during Amazon searches.  This helps to indicate any possible misalignments between your product and what the algorithm thinks it is relevant to it.

Keyword Ranking Analysis – many product listings are written around the best-performing keywords that are relevant to your product.  Fine.  But what about if you are trying to compete against people whose Ad offers are simply better, or, there are another 60,000 sellers fighting for the same keyword and you are hoping to rank on page one, at least organically.  We analyze the best words, with the least competition, that you stand a chance of ranking well for and that will improve your organic ranking for bigger seed words.

Competitor Research – we check out the most relevant terms used by the most successful sellers, and also those used by their customers, and incorporate them into your results.  We check organic data and which keywords they are using in their Sponsored Ad campaigns, and use this data as part of the strategy forming.

Reverse ASIN Tests – a backdoor peek into which keywords are successful for your competitors.  This is not an analysis of which keywords your competitors are using in their backend – it is better than that – we discover the search phrases that people entered into Amazon that lead them to visit your competitors’ pages.  We analyze and test this information and use the best for your report.

Negative Keywords – using negative keywords in your PPC/Ad campaign is ESSENTIAL.  There’s an example of what I mean in the above video, but briefly, there will be words that people use during a search which won’t relate to your product’s features, so you don’t want to be attracting those customers and paying for their clicks.

Reduced ACOS – a combination of correct keyword use and negative keywords will reduce your advertising costs, so you can get more bang for your buck, and ensure you are performing better for the right search terms.

Choose Your Package (Included in Premium Copywriting Pack)



Deep-Dive Keyword Master Report

Best Seller Competitor Researched

What is Trending Now!

Data Taken from Amazon Tests

Ready to Paste into your Campaign

Done in 5 Business Days


Discount for Bulk Orders



Backdoor Peek at your Competitors

Discover Keywords that Work

Include them in your Listing

Negative Keywords to Exclude from your Campaign

Lower ACoS

Focus Budgets on Best Keywords

Increase Rank for the Keywords you Want to Index for

Done in 5 Business Days

Discount for Bulk Orders



Includes PPC Campaign & Max ACoS ROI Campaign - with the addition of:

An analysis of the keywords you are currently indexing for and not indexing in searches

Report covers the front end & backend search terms (we will need to know your keywords to run the test)

Action Plan to Improve Indexing

Analysis of up to 3 ASINs

Done in 7 Business Days


Discount for Bulk Orders