Hey, just a minute…


According to the Writing Cooperative, people decide to purchase a book within:


60 seconds is not much time to make a decision.  

So, what are we all looking at during this precious minute?



1. The Title

2. The Cover

3. The Author Biography (if on the back, & not always)

4. The Inner Flap Description (if there is one)

5. The Back Cover

*According to the Writing Cooperative

Is the price there?  No.  Is looking inside and reading some of the content in the Top 5?  No.

FACT:  Fewer than 10% OF BUYERS LOOK INSIDE before making the decision to buy.  


FACT:  After the title & cover the back content is what sells your book to 90% of buyers.


Better get it right!  That’s where Indigo comes in:


> We use the best keyword software combined with manual checks so people will find your book.

> We research what people want to find, when searching for your specific genre.

> We know where to place the important text on your rear cover so it is read.

> We know where people’s eyes fall & that’s where we place captivating content

> We write so that people cannot wait to read the book & so buy it!

> We can advise on titles, book cover design & author biographies.

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Book Synopsis for Agents, Publishers and Investors


Another important type of Synopsis is the overview you send to get it published.  

Depending on the book type, we recommend a 500 word limit, with no more than 1,000 words.  

This description tells the publisher what happens in your book, the journey the main character

experiences, the problems they face and the challenges they overcome.  It highlights the emotional

struggle facing humanity through the eyes of one person (or more) and how the reader will share those

impassioned responses and will be gripped by the plot and the outcome.


A good synopsis can make or break your chance of publication.  In most cases, you only get one shot at

this. Our Fair For All Pricing gives everyone the opportunity to experience the dream of being a successful author.


Want to get cracking?


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Book Synopsis Packages



Around 150-200 Words are Best

Create or re-write your back cover blurb, or inner sleeve description

SEO Optimized Content

Keywords used in Description

Soft (associated) Keywords

Amazon Search Phrases

Proofread & Edited

Original Content

Revisions if Required


5 days





As per ‘Flying off Shelves’ but with:

Advice on Cover Design

Best Selling Competitor Overview

Pricing Strategy

Amazon Listing Description

Book Promotion on Authority Blogs

Social Media Promo Ads

Kindle Book Group Reviews

Keyword Report for your Webpage

1 x Social Media Banner Design

7 days




500 to 1,000 Word Synopsis of your Book to send to a Publisher, Agent or Potential Investor

A focus on the Emotional Journey of the Main Character, the struggles and challenges they go through and how it changes them.

Structured around Plot

Enticing & Exciting to Read

Advice on Character Progression & Plot Development

The sane Promo Marketing as the PROMO BALLISTIC offer

7 days



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