Amazon Held its First Big Ad Conference Last Week, Luring about 400 People to Seattle

Before you read the article, have a guess as to the value of Amazon’s PPC sponsored ads…

Article by Eugene Kim, CNBC, Oct 9. 2019

5 Things Investors Need to Know About Shopify’s $1 Billion Fulfillment Network

Is Shopify Fighting to Take Amazon’s Crown?  Read on…

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Amazon Will Now Donate Unsold Warehouse Merchandize by Default Instead of Trashing It

A new program unveiled for the US & UK markets.  Good or bad?  You decide.

Article by Nick Statt, The Verge, Aug 14. 2019

What Is Amazon Project Zero & How It Helps Fight Counterfeit Listings

Is Amazon helping to protect your brand?  See here:

Article by Greg Swan, Tinuiti, Mar 25. 2019