When I Count to 2.6 – Bang!

Yep, 2.6 seconds is the average time that a person takes to decide whether to read on or ditch a listing.  They then take a further 6 seconds to choose to buy or not.

Not a long time.

So, you cannot afford to lose your message in a mass of words.

People are mostly shopping on Amazon to buy.  Sometimes to window-shop but not often.  Did you know that Amazon has a 75% conversion rate?  People want to get something, and they want to do it fast.  If you can help them do that you’re increasing your chances of selling. 

Here’s a super-quick look at how this works.

Power Bullets

Product description bullets have a number of responsibilities, these are, in order of priority…

1. Get your product’s benefits across fast

2. Create the desire to buy without the need to see your description

3. Include some keywords to entice the algorithm

How much can you read in only 2.6 seconds?  Let’s test that now…

I wrote the above content three weeks ago.  People want a bucket of dinosaurs.  They want to know that they are buying a good set, that their kids will like it, and that they don’t suffer from the problems seen on other listings.  They don’t want to take all day deciding over it.

And they don’t want to read through stacks of content. 

Check this out.

Bullet headers are important.  They let you see information fast.  So, glancing through both of the above listings in 2.6 seconds, what information do we get? 

Listing one:

There are 45 toys for £85, approx £2 each.  It has 10 great reviews. They’re big.  The bullet headers tell me there is more than just 45 dinosaurs, the box stows and stacks away easily, they are safe for children with no sharp edges [a common problem with other listings], they stand upright [another problem with competitor products], and they have their names printed on them to help educate kids.

Listing two:

There are 12 toys for $21.49 approx $2 each.  It has no reviews.  The bullet headings tell me they are a roaring colony from the Mesozoic period, there is imaginative play, dinomite fun, and they are premium quality.

So, you may be able to see how important the bullet headers are, and when they are working in harmony with the images they present a powerful message fast.  And that’s what you want.

Now imagine you are reading this on a smartphone with a six-inch screen, you don’t want to see a huge block of text to work through.  It will put you off.

No doubt some of you are reading this and saying hold on Heath, I’m not selling dinosaurs, I’m selling something far more detailed, with much more complicated features and benefits.  Sure.  I get that.  The content can change but the formula needs to stay the same.  You must have benefit-driven, concise titles for each bullet.  People can then decide to read further – this is during the extra six seconds you are trying to get them to buy.  

Remember though, as horrible as this might sound, people don’t really give a damn about you.  They don’t want to spend their time reading about how great your company is, they may skim a line-or-two in the description or EBC, and the more technical and costly the product is, the more you need to get that right – but it comes from the customer’s perspective and not the seller’s.  If you don’t believe me, how often do you read the “About Us” page on a website?

TAKE HOME – the first thing to know about bullets is that they need powerful titles that get across the benefits fast. 

If your product has an impact on people’s lives then you need to make those titles linked to the transformation people are going to feel through owning it.  If you don’t know what that is, or what their hopes are, researching competitor products, forums, blog answers, and YouTube videos will help.

The Transformation

Amazon likes the Product Feature Bullets to be about features.  But features don’t sell.

People who dream of owning the new Ferrari Monza SP2 sports car aren’t doing so because it accelerates to 60mph in 2.9 seconds.

The copywriter needs to deliver the transformation in a way that speaks directly to the buyer’s hopes and aspirations, and must be placed into your bullet points in a certain order.  Before I get to that order, I will give you an example of transformation bullets.  

Here is a bullet from a full leg compression sleeve: 


  • HIGH PERFORMANCE + YOU CAN WEAR IT EVERYDAY – The Copper Compression Single Leg Compression Sleeve / Pant / Legging is for both men and women and is extremely comfortable. It can be worn everyday to help you get the support you need! Perfect for any Tommie, Dick, or Harry. Our high quality fabric will also withstand washing and will not lose its function over the course of time like many other sleeves!

The title is in capital letters and stands out, however, what it says doesn’t describe how this will transform a person’s life, it doesn’t answer a buyer’s anxieties from reading competitor critical reviews, and it doesn’t dig deep enough into the benefit.  And when you get beyond the title, the bullet is crammed with keywords.  Oh, no.  It doesn’t read so great either.   

So, here I go again with a comparison to my own copy, but this is what my blogs are about, helping you to improve your listings without it costing a bean.  

Here are two example bullets for the Sparthos full leg compression sleeve.  It is not live yet.  The titles give the answers to many FAQs on competitor listings; if people are standing all day at work, they want to know that this is comfortable, won’t be noticed under clothing, and supports their injury/problem.

DISCREET, FITS UNDER CLOTHING… get maximum support without people realizing; ultra-slim sleeves mean you can wear them all day while keeping swelling down, ending nagging shin-splints, and stopping muscle cramps 

FEELS LIKE A SECOND SKIN… but with extra support; these compression sleeves make your leg feel stable and secure so

that you can run, cycle or CrossFit with 100% confidence

The language used here such as “nagging shin-splints” came from reading discussions on running forums.  These are more important than reviews because people are speaking genuinely about their hopes and fears while knowing no one such as the seller, is going to be judging them, which could affect how they write. 

Bullet Order

You will see from the following images how important it is to shoot with your best bullets first.  With some Amazon listings (see image) and with all mobile phones, only part of the available bullets are shown.  The shopper needs to click a dropdown box to read the remainder – but you cannot rely on a buyer doing that, so, no matter how great your final bullets are, if they are not getting seen, you have wasted your efforts.

Here are the remaining bullets.  Which would you consider to be the most important to create differentiation about this product?

Here’s what I recommend: whatever your killer feature is, place that as your first bullet.  It may not be unique, but it needs to be said in a way that is different than your competitors and it must speak to the aspirations of the buyer. 

The next bullet should address one of the key issues facing competitor products.  If that is how a compression sleeve makes people sweat, you need to write about how your product will wick sweat away. 

The third bullet can also address an issue or present a benefit. 

Bullet 4 – a benefit.  Listing these benefits in order of which pushes the buying buttons hardest.

The final bullet can be about your guarantee [if it is special], words such as no-risk, you’re covered etc help a buyer to feel secure.  I personally don’t like to add guarantees here because it is a place for features and benefits, and Amazon doesn’t like it much, nor should you put any time-sensitive sales information like in the example above – that goes against Amazon’s style guides.  I tend to place the guarantees in the description, but if you have a warranty that gives you the edge, then pop it in the 5th bullet!

By writing bullets in this way, you can improve conversion rates which lead to better ranking, you can reduce your ACoS, improve your profits with increased pricing, and maybe spend an extra hour or two each week doing something you really like.

I hope that this post helps you to load your bullets and fire them so that when a person reads them, they know they’ve been hit!  Go get ’em. 

I’m here if you need further help.

Best wishes,



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