Need A Hand Managing Your Amazon Account?  Here’s How to Set that Up

In this post, I will focus on setting up User Permissions for Inventory Management, and access to Advertising Campaigns, as that is what most of my customers need, however, the process is the same for any of the User Permissions.

First, you must invite the person whose help you need. If you have done this already you can move directly to Step Two.

Step One – Sending an Invitation

So, let’s say you are setting up permissions for me.  I will send you my email address.  Then access your Seller Central account, head over to Settings over on the right (see image) and click User Permissions.  You will need a Professional Seller account to do this, therefore, private sellers will need to upgrade their account.

Then you will be taken to the following screen where you need to enter the email and user name details into “Add a New Seller Central User” and then click invite:

I (or the person you are inviting) will then receive an email to click a link (see image below).  Once clicked I will be taken to my own Seller Central login screen (they will need an Amazon Seller Central account or set one up from the login page).  

Once I have logged in, I will email you to say that I am connected and that the relevant User Permissions need to be set.  (LuvMugs was my own Seller Central brand that I don’t use anymore.)

Step Two: Setting User Permissions

So, you must now go back to the User Permission page (as detailed above) and then find “Current Users” and click “Manage Permissions” over on the right.

You will now be taken to a screen where you can set the individual permissions.  Here are two examples from the same screen; Inventory (for editing product descriptions & keywords), & Marketing (for accessing Ad Campaigns).

If you are setting this up for me, I will need access to “Manage Inventory/Add a Product” and “Upload Inventory“.  This allows me to edit a product and check out or update the description, information and keyword data.

For access to Sponsored Ad Campaigns (PPC) I will require permission granted for “Advertising

Here I would need access to “Campaign Manager“. 

There are also many other sections such as Store Design and Reports. 

And that’s it.  Job done.

Thanks for reading.  If you are setting up permissions for me, then thank you very much, and I am super-excited at the opportunity of working with you.

Best wishes,



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