Which Category Should I Choose to List My Amazon Product?

Let’s get right to it.  I want to make this a super-fast read…

You won’t always get a choice as to which category you place your product in, however, for some of us we do.  It may not seem like much but it can make a real difference to your success, here’s how:

Sometimes a product needs all the help it can to sell.  I wanted to get it right for this product…

It’s a Silicone Egg Cooker, you can check it out here:


It doesn’t have many reviews but it sells a lot.  Before adding it to my client’s Seller Central I realized there was a stack of competition, and while some of us might have a lot of money to throw at PPC to get our products to page one, the rest of us need to use cunning, sheer tenacity and patience.

The competitors my client mentioned were placed in the “Egg Cookers” category but I chose to list under “Egg Poachers”, I did some quick checks of the top 50 search results for various keywords and made a note of how many direct competitors there were, how relevant the keyword was to my client’s product, how easy it will be to get on the first page, and how difficult it will be to rank in the top 3.

You can get this free Chrome Extension that will give you revenue figures for a group of products or as a single unit.

Grab the Helium 10 Chrome Extention here

Here are the results

Egg Poachers made a lot of sense.  There were more direct competitors, however, those sitting happily on the first page did not need to sell anywhere near as much as those housed in the Egg Cookers category.  And for those sitting at the dizzy heights of the top 3 in Egg Cookers, Cookware Accessories, & Egg Separators were unlikely to be dislodged.

That’s something you also need to factor in; if you get there, how easy will it be for someone to kick you back out.  Whichever category you choose, if you do a little research it can save you a lot of difficulty in the future.

So, that’s my quick tip for today.  Hope you got something out of it.  Fire any questions below, and if you have any subject you would like me to help you with please mention it below.

Good luck and happy selling!