Is Your Webpage All Flash & No Substance?



Before you make any big decisions & change something,

you need to know what problems you have first…

Our 25-30 Page Audit Report Of Your Current Website Will Fix Matters 

(The price of this audit will be deducted from the copywriting costs should you order from us.)

This report makes you money, not costs you money…

Websites work best with a single mission.  

You will know yours.  

Sometimes it is unclear to the reader and therefore your key message doesn’t get through.  

You pay 1,000s to attract visitors with great Adword campaigns & Social Media

but that doesn’t convert to enough orders.


It is mostly the wording that decides the fate of your business.  

10 (of 15) Things We Consider In Our Audit

1. How effect your Home/Landing page is at conveying your objective

2. Whether it connects with the visitor as well as it should & within 8 seconds

3. Are your keywords placed where the visitor naturally looks?

4. Do you offer your solution when the buyer is ready to hear it?

5. Do you know who your potential customers are & what they seek?

6. Do you relate to their problems & speak their language?

7. Why should they care that it is you who provides the solution?

8. Are your Calls to Action compelling enough? 

9. Is your message cohesive & believable?

10. Do you have technical issues that turn people away?

Our audit report will explain why people leave your website or Landing Page without converting to an order.

It will analyse three of your main competitors & the keywords that are helping people to find them, instead of you…


It will provide an ACTION PLAN of how best to improve matters.

This report also includes:

> Broken Link tests

> Site Map tests

> Meta Tags

> Backlink Checkers

> Image Sizes

> Loading Speed Optimizations

> Cache Tests

> Frame checks

> URL Redirects & many more.

If you want to know the truth about why things aren’t so sweet – Click ADD TO CART below and we will tell

you of all the things you can do to put it right…and get more orders straight away.




25-30 Page Report
No. of Websites – 1
Main Pages Covered –
Home Page, About Us & Other

Content Analysis
Customer Analysis
Competitor Analysis

SEO Report

Technical Report


10 days