Amazon Product Descriptions – Conversions

Let’s look at a few case studies to illustrate how important great sales copy is to a product’s success. 

Here you will see immediate results, increased pricing with better sales, and the need for regular tweaks to maintain performance (offered for free to our customers).

Let’s make your competitors feel the pinch right away…

Improved Amazon Ranking & Increased Pricing

Client Ranks Better & Sells for 50% More. 

The lower the Red line the higher the rank.  The higher the Blue line the greater the price.

Our listing was uploaded early December (the blip in April, is running out of stock).  This is a supplement; a hyper-competitive category. 

Improved Amazon Ranking due to Copywriting

Instant Impact…

Price remained the same however, the ranking shot up after our listing was uploaded on 4th March.

Improved Amazon Ranking due to Regular Tweaks

Regular Tweaks = More Sales…

Our listing was uploaded early February with instant effect. Regular tweaks fought back against competitor strategies to stabilize rank position.

“We sold out of stock in two weeks thanks to your copy.  Now we’ve a mad rush on to order more before summer begins!”

E. Reamy, CEO, Sequana Beachware

“It’s the best short-term performance we have had.

M. Munro, Company Director, Eve & Rosie Play

Want Some?

Our 3 Packages Explained…

If you don’t have time to read the following, you can skip to the pricing columns below which contain bullets of what is included.

SUPER START-UP LISTING: gets you off the ground with the best 100 keywords for your product analyzed through 7+ key search terms, and optimized for everything you need to launch well. You’ll get a Super URL & SEO Title to drive traffic to your listing, power bullets and HTML coding.  For many sellers, this pack is all they will ever need.

HIGH CONVERSION LISTING: for sellers with items that are already ranking but need to rank higher and convert more.  Your competitors are analyzed regarding their keyword use, the search terms people have entered that lead to them clicking their products (Reverse ASIN tests) and we supply a full keyword master sheet with negative keywords to reduce your Ad Campaign ACoS.  

LIFE-OR-DEATH LISTING: this is for established listings or new ones for established sellers where any kind of failure has big consequences, where you’re investing a lot of money in products and your family’s livelihood depends on it working.  This pack is for the BIG PRESSURE DEALS where you have done everything you can, thrown all you know at it but you’ve hit a wall.  What this pack entails:  we first test which keywords you are ranking for on the sales page (front end) and search terms (backend) and we then run software to establish where you are ranking for those words.  We consider the history of your product in terms of algorithm keyword ranking.  We put this info into a report then manually check through all the keywords to discover which are the best, most relevant ones to target.  We then discuss a strategy together and write in the results into the whole front end and backend.  We analyze the category placement, targeted competitor tactics, and the keywords competitors use; we report on the keywords employed in their backend, we run Reverse ASIN tests and see what is bringing success.  We list every critical (1-3 Star) rated reviews and report on the key issues with this type of product and suggest which ones to address as a competitive strategy in your listing.  We report on your branding, your message, your imagery and graphic design and provide an action plan to improve those, and finally, we discuss specific competitors to target and form a strategy to beat them.  We also report on how to win Amazon’s Choice badge awards.  All within the price shown below.

The Life-or-Death Package includes lifetime support for the life of the listing, quarterly keyword indexing & ranking reports for the first year.  Listing tweaks to respond to ranking changes or new strategies.  

Check out our online 2018 Samples Portfolio here… LINK

Now all you need to do is decide which package suits you best…

Choose Your Package




SEO Optimized Title

A Super URL for Huge Traffic

Keyword Master Sheet Report from Helium 10

Min 7 Keyword Focus Research

5 x Optimized Bullets

HTML Description Optimized for Mobile Devices, PCs & TV Screens

Compelling Calls to Action

 Ready to Copy & Paste into Amazon

Done in 5 Business Days

Discount for Bulk Orders




As per Startup Supremos with…

Core Benefit Driven Bullets

Top 5 Longtail Search Terms Written Throughout Your Listing

Fully Optimized Backend Keywords

Full Keyword Master Sheet

Negative Keywords for Ad Campaigns

Best Seller & Amazon Choice Analysis

3 x Competitor Keyword Research –  Organic Reverse ASIN Report Keywords Used for Sponsored Ads Hidden 250 Characters of Keywords

Infused Helium10 Keywords & LSI

Merchant Words Keywords

Viral Launch Keywords

Misspelled Keywords not Corrected by  Amazon

Keyword Strategic Action Plan

Ready to Copy & Paste into Amazon

PPC Campaign “Lowering ACoS” Tips

Done in 5 Business Days


Discount for Bulk Orders




As per Buy-Box Booster with…

Lifetime Support of your Listing

Free Quarterly Tweaks (if needed)

Current Keyword Indexing Report*

(what you index for & don’t)

Keyword Ranking Report*

* Both of the above every month for the first year

Keyword Target Strategy Analysis – every month

“Intended Use” Keywords

Competitor Backend Keyword Report

(up to 3 x competitors included)

Competitor “Critical Reviews” Report

Report on Competitors to Target

Branding & Message Report

Amazon’s Choice Award Advice

Deep-Dive Research of Blogs/Forums to Understand Buyer Needs

Which Keywords You List For (& Don’t)

Keyword Ranking Before & After

Power Calls To Action

Extra Split Test Title

Ready to Copy & Paste into Amazon

Done in 10 Business Days

Discount for Bulk Orders