Amazon Listing Optimization 

Sales writing is all I have ever known.  And I am grateful to put be putting over 30-years of experience into helping Amazon sellers fill their banks with crisp fresh dollars (or pounds/euros).

There is going to be an in-depth case study section here, but until I get around to doing it, I will share some rather beguiling evidence with you to whet your appetites. 

I could waffle on about this type of copy and these keyword strategies but all you are interested in are the results.  So, here are some for you, and if you have a burning desire to see the kind of examples I will be including in the case studies, ping me an email. 

I will be adding some more recent examples before the end of September 2019.  Until then, here’s an idea of what you can expect…

Let’s make your competitors feel the pinch right away…

Improved Amazon Ranking & Increased Pricing

INSTANT IMPACT – Client Ranks Better & Sells for 50% More. 

The lower the Red line the higher the rank.  The higher the Blue line the greater the price.

A stress buster toy in a competitive category.  My listing is uploaded mid-September and the unit sales increase over 400%

Improved Amazon Ranking due to Copywriting

LONG-TERM IMPACT – Client Ranking Immediately Improves & Stays Consistent

Our listing was uploaded early December (the blip in April, is running out of stock).  This is a supplement; a hyper-competitive category.  This item is now selling over 800 items a month and is just one of many products we have written for this client.

Improved Amazon Ranking due to Regular Tweaks


This listing simply wasn’t selling and the client had given up hope (and interest!). 

Graph shows sales for the year.  Our listing update went live late September 18.  78 units were sold in less than a month.

Improved Amazon Ranking due to Regular Tweaks


This listing had no sales though had been listed on Amazon for a few months.

The image shows 3months of sales and ranking data since our listing update went live early October 2018.

Rank from 1,209 to 41

BSR from 3,690,462 to 122,338

Monthly Sales $0 to $10,147

“We sold out of stock in two weeks thanks to your copy.  Now we’ve a mad rush on to order more before summer begins!”

E. Reamy, CEO, Sequana Beachware

“It’s the best short-term performance we have had.

M. Munro, Company Director, Eve & Rosie Play

Want Some?


Yes, they are from the first quarter of 2018.  Not very current, I admit.  I had high plans for updating the portfolio every month but since May of last year, projects have come first.  I do have a rather splendid case study brochure in the making that will take things up a notch. 

Until then, I invite you to check out my online Samples Portfolio here… LINK

So, now…

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