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Most buyers skim-read several listings at once to shortlist them before purchasing.  Good graphic design gets your message across quickly and that is vital.  Here are some examples of “Before” and “After” treatments.  We can work with your images (as per the office chair) or take new photographs (as per the water filter pitcher).  Sometimes an image doesn’t need much to make a difference. 

Our research shows that when we create graphic design for an image, it works most effectively if the benefits are centered around a single point, unlike the first image on the left which was repeating features already described in the chair listing.  And you should never leave a photograph to fight for itself.  An image on its own often leaves the buyer to question what it is about.  When a person is deciding in a matter of seconds (2.6 to be precise) to shortlist you or not, every bit you can do to not cause confusion gives you a better chance of getting that sale!



While there is nothing wrong with the ladies in the left image the product is an alkaline water pitcher that is around 3 x the cost of regular filter jugs, and we took a series of photographs with our model Sandra to try and maintain the homely feel of the product but elevate it to be more aspirational, and make the product itself stand out.  The wall color in the background of the original image makes the pitcher get lost into it, whereas in the update, it pops out more.

We chose to use orange in the following images to match the Click Add to Cart and Buy Now Buttons.  Doing so made those buttons more visible on the page, and therefore the buyer was subconsciously made more aware of their presence, and the act of buying.  It is often tiny percentages that add up to create differentiation for a product selling on Amazon.  These micro-elements can be the difference between success and failure.

NB. We no longer supply photography packages but are happy to recommend product photographers for your projects and to work with them on creative direction.


We offer translation services which you can discover on our translations page here.

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