Dear Reader,

Welcome.  Indigo is something very close to my heart and an expression of my passion for writing.  I get a real kick out of helping people to become more successful at whatever it is they do through the beauty of words.  

Sometimes, it can be a customer who is worried over finances because their product isn’t selling, or it is a business who has spent 1,000’s on SEO and Pay Per Click campaigns but cannot understand why visitors do not convert to orders.  It is a privilege for me to be of service in this way.

It seems my brain looks at life in a different way than almost everyone else I have met.  While it is true that I can write in the “voice” of my customer, my particular way of writing is quite quirky and oblique, so it will suit some products over and above others.  That’s okay.  I am not trying to appeal to everybody.  I simply lay down what I write in the expectation that life, the universe, fate will entice someone into picking it up and consequently, more times than not, it seems that just the right person, at just the right time, appears and we are brought together in a harmony that flows.

Right now, I am writing in an easy conversational way, which is great for blogs and is my natural voice, however, when it comes to writing copy to sell, or bring about a call to action, I appear to naturally find diverse and cookie angles of looking at things which I soon realised works great for copywriting.  I also write with an edginess.  You can see samples of my work around this site, and of course the content of the website itself.

What I really don’t like is “dullness”.  Dullness is a kind of death to art.  It is safe, boring and droll.  We are creatures of creativity, we are aspects of Creation.  As a copywriter, I see it as my personal duty to write about products and services in a way that is different and engaging, and in the same way that a poet is responsible for imploring us to see the world with new eyes, I wish to do the same for your customers; to turn an everyday object into the beauty that it actually is.

Would you really like to put your brand name against DULL?
Is this how you want your brand to be remembered?

For me, a dull product or service also needs its chance to SING, to appear vibrant and cherished and useful.  My Product Page forces us to consider “kicking out the lifeless“, well this is my motto, to bring the creative spark of zest and wonder to whatever project I am given.

To do this, I also work with a select team of people

Because what you say about something you offer, is essentially what you say about yourself, I sometimes need people around me who are better than I am at what they do.  You will see below, a group of translators and a PR expert who is a promotional genius.  The services I have offered throughout this website incorporate the minds of these people to help Dvona be a place that nurtures our customers and bring freshness and solidity to what we do.

I personally invite you to get in touch with whatever questions you might have.  I won’t leap down your throat expecting an order.  I am genuinely interested in what you do and how and if, I can help you to do it better through the craft of what is essentially sales writing.  

Here is your invitation to choose to put things right.  Feel free to contact me on:

0044 7813 135381

Thanks and best wishes,


The Dvona Team:

We have a team of translators for just about every main language

and Grace our PR and Promotions Manager who will help write press releases and promote your product, services and website through Social Media.

Chilory – Chinese
Hoshi – Japanese
Jasmine – Korean
Kristine & Eraman – German
Mel & Simon – Spanish
Eyolf – Norwegian
Frederik – Swedish
Katy & Kathleen – French

Sonia – Hindi
Dodi – Arabic
Unstie – Turkish
Kelly – Italian
Soma – Russian
Sylvia – Mandarin

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