Dear Amazon Seller,

This will no doubt sound egotistical but bear with me… I am not an Amazon copywriter or owner of an agency, I am an Amazon Alchemist.  Things come to me magically, as though they are delivered by the universe… and they work.  In the still quiet place (before the kids wake up) I get answers like I was born to hear them – someone has to be!

More and more I have come to understand the algorithm and also Amazon itself and I can turn ordinary listings into Gold.  I have learned to optimize listings in ways I don’t see anyone else doing.  And I also see where Amazon is heading, and how I can futureproof my customers to be ahead of the game to stand a chance of fighting strong in years to come.


What makes us different…

I can, for example, give your product an 8-Keyword Super URL to get stacks more traffic (no one else offers this, most agencies are not even offering 5), I can create a strategy for you to win an Amazon’s Choice award badge for a given keyword that will get around 30% more orders, I can cram 8 to 10 times the amount of keywords into an EBC listing that is currently thought possible – and all safely, not using any dodgy back-hand trickery. 

There are other things too, but an alchemist does not give away all his secrets!

What’s your story?


So, tell me your story of how you became an Amazon Seller and I’ll add it to a new page I am planning; “Why I became

an Amazon Seller – and what I wish I knew first!” 

Best wishes,

Heath Thompson

Why did you become an Amazon Seller?

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