Dear Amazon Seller,

First and foremost it is an important fact for you that I have 34 years of sales and marketing experience because there is a big difference between a copywriter who has learned to sell successfully face-to-face and over the phone, than one who hasn’t.  You get to learn what people want to hear, and also what turns them off. 

I retired from sales in 2015.  I had made a good living from it, owned my house, had no debt and knew I couldn’t keep putting in the miles and the hours without it affecting my health.  I’d saved up enough, moved abroad for a quieter life, but soon realized I missed selling! 

So, I did some pretty hardcore freelance telesales for a year or so and worked out that what I was enjoying the most was writing email campaigns and sales letters for those I was calling for.  I loved copywriting, and it is the one thing after all these years of work and study where I feel I was born to do it.  Thank God I found it. 

Why Amazon Listing Optimization? I ran my own Amazon chess store from 2006 to 2011 and it was great.  The part I like the most was writing about the sets more than selling them!  So, that’s how Indigo was born. 

I dream about Amazon – sad huh?  But that’s where I get my best ideas.  They come to me just before I wake up, in that quiet stillness before the kids are awake!  This ‘connection’ I have, comes while I write too – taglines for EBC, core-benefits for bullets.  So, I don’t fight it.  I originally wanted to write Landing Pages as they are more salesy, but there is a real art and beauty to writing a great Amazon listing – and I get such a buzz when customers tell me of their success. 

So, tell me your story of how you became an Amazon Seller and I’ll add it to a new page I am planning; “Why I became an Amazon Seller – and what I wish I knew first!” 

Best wishes,

Heath Thompson

Why did you become an Amazon Seller?

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