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I’m going to get straight to the point…

Hi, Heath Thompson here, CEO.  I’d like to personally welcome you to Indigo, your Amazon listing specialists. Here’s a fact: if it was easy selling on Amazon neither you nor I would be here, it is super-difficult especially if you’re trying to do this alone.  We create a little magic via a combination of Word Wizards, Image Magicians, SEO Sorcerers & Photo Prophets.  So, let’s get serious, consider this…

18,708 items were uploaded to Amazon EVERY HOUR in 2017!  That’s a total of almost 600M items selling on Amazon right now.  So, it is ultra important to create differentiation and really work the benefits of your product but you need to know a few tricks too, more than a few.  Here’s how we do it…


At INDIGO we mix in a few drops of Algorithm Additive, a splash or two of Google Juice, and a swirl of Buyer Boost Tonic to create listing Gold.  Check this out (everything is done within Amazon TOS)…

* Super URL Address – Fewer than 1% of sellers know of this little tweak.  Your Amazon URL is selected at random, however, we can create a Super URL loved by Amazon & Google to drive heaps of traffic to your page.

* Optimized Title – Is this good advice… get close to the character limit and add the most relevant highest ranking keywords?  No.  Best Sellers are not doing this.  We know what works, so you can become a success.

* Biting Bullets – Research shows 170 characters to be best but this is out-of-date. If your bullets are that long, your ranking will begin to slip. Also, think Buyer, not Algorithm.  Benefit-driven, concise & punchy, in order of USPs.  We will make your bullets hit the target.

* Descriptions & EBC – If you are the brand owner, register your brand officially, right now if you’ve yet to do it.  I have researched the Best Sellers over 27 categories and 67% use EBC.  I know how to get them super-indexed, all legit.  If you can’t use EBC don’t worry.  We are a whizz with HTML, CTA’s and Mobile Device optimization, so your listing will look fresh and easy to read.


* Graphic Design & Branding – Don’t make your product images fight for themselves.  The Indigo Graphic Design team will elevate them so you can sell more, and command a higher price.  

* Creating Differentiation –  “Premium quality” – no.  “Satisfaction Guaranteed” – stop it, please.  These words are stale and lifeless, and the buyer glances over them without interest.  I began writing sales copy in 1984 and your listing will be a heady mix of potent ranking juice.


* Using Micro Hypnosis – 1984… the days when being eco-friendly meant pedaling a Sinclair C5 and hoping not to be mowed down by a passing pushchair.  Imagine it; the rain-soaked cobbled streets of a north England town, and your teeth rattling as you reach the intoxicating speed of 10 mph, heading downhill, with the wind behind you, and flies in your teeth.  Nice.  You’ve just been hypnotized.  It helps conversions.  (I’m a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, so it’s safe – and no one is doing anything against their will!)  It costs no extra but we don’t do this as standard, so ping us.

* Photographs – product images, backed with snazzy Graphic Design, and strong copy, is POWERFUL.  Our two photography studios (USA & UK) specialize in Amazon listings; hero images, studio shots, lifestyle pictures with or without models… Indigo is your one-stop shop for all your listing needs.

* Knowing Your IZE from Your ISE – I am a native Englishman and a member of the UK Society for Editors & Proofreaders.  I specialize in American English, and I specialise in British / Australian English, I also work with a team of translators to list throughout Europe, Scandinavia, India & Asia, and they are all native to their country, so you get the correct grammar

* Thompson’s Top Ten Tips –  I give you a stack of tips so once you start getting those sales, you’re going to keep climbing the rankings and stay there.

Now I’m going to help you out for FREE – I know, I’m kind

Ping me your Amazon link and I will send you a short video review of how you can improve it.  You will gain a better sense of whether you would like to work with me, and if the answer is no, then you’ve come away with a bunch of free tips.

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