Don’t invite me to your BBQ…

I’ll want to discuss how great the tongs are. 

I’m a geek.

I like to write about products and make those little beauties shine. 

I cannot stand dull, boring copy that could send a glass eye to sleep.  

And Amazon is full of that stuff.  Dear me.

And you know what else makes me a geek?

I also find PPC interesting.  I know.  An evening with me is fascinating.

“What did you do today, Heath?”

“Oh, man, it was awesome.  I managed to lower a client’s ACoS by 7%.”

If it stopped there, I might have some friends left, but it gets worse…

What I love to do the most…

is write Headline Search Ad copy.  

Did I just say that?  No wonder I’m in a room on my own.

Yes, squeezing the life out of a juicy 50-character limit headline that’s going to make shoppers rabid with desire for your product.  That’s what I like to do.  

And that’s how I got called the Amazon alchemist.  Because I bring together three drops of powerful elixir to turn any listing into pure gold:

  1. Copy that would make Shakespeare weak at the knees
  2. Decoding the secret formula to PPC Management nirvana
  3. Unlocking keyword perfection to discover the golden nuggets

If you want to make real money on Amazon you’ve gotta bring harmony to your listing.

You must balance your product front and back end with your ads.

And you need to do it strategically.

And that’s what I do.

I get a kick out of it.  That’s my buzz.  If it’s not your buzz I can help you out.

I used to have a nice shiny email box here…

but I then got harassed every day by attractive Russian ladies wanting to have sex with me. 

Being a geek is a lot of pressure.  

You can find my email at the bottom right of the page. I mean for Amazon help, not sex.

This isn’t for Everyone

Sadly, I don’t offer my services to just anyone.  

What I’m good at suits a particular type of seller. 

You need to be Brand Registered and with an ad spend of over $5,000 per month

Then you become a VIP customer.

VIP customers always get priority.  Your emails are answered first.  Your projects and PPC campaigns are managed before anyone else.  You’ll know if you need this or not.

And guess what?

I have a waiting list.  My next availability is in October 2019.  So, get in touch now if this butters your crumpets.

The VIP Suite includes:

  • Optimizing listing copy
  • Email templates for sales follow up
  • Managing all of your PPC Campaigns
  • Expanding & enhancing the keywords used
  • Restructuring ad campaigns to reduce ACoS
  • Advice on graphic design, branding, images, competitors
  • Maturing ad groups to lower ACoS while increasing visibility
  • Bringing keyword harmony between the listing and ad campaigns
  • Headline Search Ad (sponsored brand ads) high conversion banner taglines
  • Product targeting ads for competitors, associated products and your own products

Wait there’s more!  Read this and weep with joy.

  • Free lifetime support for the life of a listing
  • A monthly report with an overview of changes to key metrics
  • Fortnightly reports 70-Point PPC Checklist showing all the work I have done

Throw in a combination of micro-hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and the use of the world’s leading software suites such as Helium 10 and PPC Scope and that’s just some of what you get working with me if you are a VIP customer.

Please note that The Amazon Alchemist is a brand name associated with Indigo Copywriting.  Invoices etc will be headed using the Indigo Copywriting name.  It’s all me though.


Send your Amazon link to my email below, and I’ll give you a bunch of tips to help you make money fast.  Available for those who meet VIP standards only.


Happy Customers.

Heath Thompson has been and remains an incredible asset to Green Light Innovations. He has nearly single-handedly taken us from almost last place in our category for Amazon sellers to first place. He has done this for our entire catalog and his blueprint has proven effective for each item.

Tim Fallon, Green Light Innovations, President & CEO

Heath has always gone above and beyond the job requirements. I've hired quite a few different people to write and optimize my Amazon listings and he is leagues ahead of everyone else.

Michael Broel, Vice President of Operations, Flowers for Cemeteries Inc

Heath is an excellent copywriter, best I've worked with.

Danny Carlson, CEO, KenjiROI

I have worked with Heath professionally at various times over the past 4 years and his wisdom has been an invaluable resource to me personally and to the success of my business. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Joanne Davies, CEO, JQ Hypnosis, LLC 


Heath is a great copywriter. He provided a lot of important info for our product and wrote great bullet points and description. Happy with the result.

P Kvedaras, CEO of Sparthos


They (a competitor), said there was nothing more they could do to improve it. They're exact words were, it's a perfectly optimised Amazon listing. So, I was pretty impressed when I read that.

Jim Oak, Director at Oak Leather


Great job. Heath knows what he is doing. He definitely overdelivered!

Stan Tsch, CEO of General Nano Protection Solutions

10 STARS! Absolutely one of the best [copywriting] experiences I've had (and I've had lots!) Buy without hesitation. A true professional who walks his talk. My listings are going to be sooo much better now.

C, Devoni, Partner in 101 Artists



Amazing work and communication. Exceeded my expectations and outstanding communication and support. Highly recommend!

Brock At – CEO at Bake Buddy